First, we communicate the features of the new VW Golf GTI on magazines with an AD that was printed with a special typography. Why special? Because the font we used in the ad was faster to print than any other font. We developed the GTI version of the Arial and Times New Roman. The AD invited people to download them and share it with their friends. On the website, people could also calculate how much time they would save on any .doc, .docx and .pdf file

Board Gti family font



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Missing Tag uses current technology in a way that was never imagined before: to search for missing children. Creating profiles for missing children, we made Facebook use its facial recognition system to automatically search for them within the millions of photos that users already upload on a daily basis. This generated a new real-time searching method where a positive tag could lead to key information to find him/her, such as last location and last time the child was seen.

missing tag



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